Workshop with Lukas Liebich

Meet Lukas Liebich, our next workshop leader.

Think Before You Panic: Critical Thinking in Daily Life

Who takes out the trash when you say „We need to take out a trash?“

How can you improve safety by being very particular about the color of the sweets you want?

And what should you do when two suitors ask you out for a date – both for next Friday?

Join the „Think Before You Panic“ workshop to find out – and improve the way you make decisions!


Date: SaturdayApril 24 @ 16h CET

Duration: 90 minutes

This workshop will be online and interactive

Organization fee for our club business: 9,99€
This Workshop is for Toastmaster club members only.
About Lukas Liebich

Facilitator of Design Thinking Workshops and soft skill trainer. Past District Director of D110 – the Wild East of Europe. And a guy who is feared for making his audiences sing Britney Spears songs during training. In his quiet moments writes observations about Toastmasters and life at